Pros and Cons of Traveling Solo for Women - According to Girls We Travel

Solo traveling is an interesting activity that should be done by everyone at least once in a lifetime. Many believe that by traveling solo, each individual can get to know their character better, even though there are also some people, especially women, who find this intimidating, which makes them hesitant and reluctant to try it.

Girls We Travel believe that traveling by any method has pros and cons, whether when traveling with family, friends, or lovers. Through this article, we would like to outline the pros and cons of solo traveling for women. Check out the following points to help you analyze whether you are one of the women who are ready to do it or not:

  • Personal Growth

When traveling solo, you will rely a lot on yourself, from planning to running it. During this process, you will often do intrapersonal communication, which will increase your knowledge through psychological processes, such as perception and self awareness. These elements will then support the process of self-introspection and will influence the process of personal growth. Confidence and self-love are the sweet fruits that you harvest later.

  • Freedom in Organizing The Itinerary

You can determine and carry out activities as you wish without having to think about other people's preferences. If you are an expert in organizing, this process definitely will be enjoyable and rewarding. Want to spend a day relaxing by the pool while sipping fresh juice? Or join a Thai food cooking class? The decision is in your own hands.

  • Breaking The Gender Stereotypes

Who says women are weak and spoiled? With solo traveling, you can prove to the people around you that women are strong and independent. You can contribute to breaking down these gender stereotypes, which have long been the state of mind of society. You will be one of the representations of modern versions of Ibu Kartini!

  • Higher Costs

For budget-minded travelers, solo traveling definitely will be a challenge. When you travel with a partner or in a group, the cost of private rooms can be shared so that it feels cheaper. Several tourist attractions have lower rates when visited with a group. Also, in some parts of the world, such as South Korea, a lot of food is served in a family portion, so you have to pay more when you want to try it.

Credit: Photo by Andrew Leu on Unsplash

  • Safety Considerations

It is not a fact that solo traveling is dangerous, even though the level of safety tends to be lower than when you travel with other people. You will be more prone to be in dangerous situations, for example, to get fraud and getting lost. But, this should not be an obstacle for you to travel alone! You just need to be extra careful to look after yourself and be more sensitive to your surroundings. Therefore, finding friends through an online application can be one way out. Search for a girls-only community that fits your character and find new friends for traveling. We believe that girl power will defeat negative things!

  • Homesick situation

You might be in some uncomfortable situations that make you feel homesick and want to be around familiar people, or this is often known as feeling homesick. As mentioned in the previous point, expand your connection by making new friends, through the online application or the girls-only community.