1. User agreement
    1. By using the La Belle Escape website (and the App and mobile site) and our social media pages (“Website”) you accept these terms and conditions (“Agreement”) and our Privacy Policy. This Agreement is between you and PT La Belle Pelarian Indonesia (referred to in this Agreement as “we”, “us” or “our” or “La Belle Escape”). We may change these terms at any time, and changes will be posted on the Website. By continuing to use the Website, you agree to be bound by the changes.
  2. Registration and User Requirements
    1. You must be a registered member to transact on and access some features of the Website. You will provide us with personal information including your name, address, contact number and a valid email address. You must ensure this information is accurate and current.
    2. By using the Website and its associated functionality, you grant your express consent to us to send you direct marketing communications to the email address you provide, from which you may unsubscribe at any time. Your consent to receipt of certain communications may be implied from the use of certain functional aspects of our service, such as receiving reminders that items are in your shopping cart if you leave the page during a transaction.
    3. To register an account and use the Website you must be at least 18 years old, and have capacity to enter into a legally binding agreement with us.
  3. Access and use of the Website
    1. You must only use the Website through the interfaces provided by us, and must only use the Website in accordance with these terms and any applicable law.
    2. You must not (or attempt to):
      1. interfere (or attempt to interfere) or disrupt (or attempt to disrupt) our site or the servers or networks that
      2. use (or attempt to use) data mining, robots, screen scraping or similar data gathering and extraction tools
      3. interfere (or attempt to interfere) with security-related or other features of our site; or
      4. use, copy or distribute (or attempt to use, copy or distribute) without our express permission.
    3. We may refer fraudulent or abusive or illegal activity to the relevant authorities. You are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your account (including orders placed using your account), and you must keep your account password secure. We are not responsible for any unauthorised activity on your account if you fail to keep your account login information secure.
    4. You must not use another member’s account without our, and/or the other user’s, express permission. If you suspect or become aware of any unauthorised use of your account or that your password is no longer secure, you must notify us immediately and take immediate steps to re-secure your account (including by changing your password).
    5. We do not warrant that the Website will be available at all times and without disruption and we provide no warranties in relation to the content of any other website linked to or from our own.
  4. Access and use of our Social Media pages
    1. We will not be held responsible for third party posts on our social media pages. You will be responsible for content you post on our social media pages, and you must not post content that:
    2. Breaches the terms of use of the relevant social media service provider;
    3. Is defamatory or in contempt of legal proceedings;
    4. Is misleading or deceptive;
    5. That is offensive, including discriminatory against race, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity or religion;
    6. Contains religious or political material;
    7. Is indecent, obscene or pornographic;
    8. Infringes any third party intellectual property rights;
    9. Contains any promotional or advertising material;
    10. Contains or links to computer viruses, malware, spyware or similar software.
  5. Information on this Website
    1. Information about services on the Website is based on material provided by third party travel service providers. Except as required by law (including the Indonesian Consumer Law) we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or errors caused by incorrect information supplied to us or by these third parties.
    2. You agree to make your own enquiries to verify information provided and to assess the suitability of services before you order the pass.
    3. Some depictions of services are created or chosen by us for promotional purposes, and may not be an exact representation of the service received.
  6. Disclaimer and Liability
    1. To the fullest extent possible at law, we exclude all liability to you or anyone else for loss or damage of any kind or nature relating in any way to the Website including, but not limited to, loss or damage you might suffer as a result of:
      1. errors, mistakes or inaccuracies on the Website or our social media pages;
      2. you acting or not acting, on any information contained on or referred to on the Website and/or any linked Website or our social media pages;
      3. personal injury or property damage of any nature resulting from your access to or use of the Website;
      4. any unauthorised access to or use of our secure servers and/or personal information and/or financial information stored on those servers;
      5. any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from the Website;
      6. any bugs, viruses, trojan horses or other harmful code or communications which may be transmitted to or through our Website by any third party; and/or
      7. the quality of any product or service of any linked sites.
    2. We do not warrant, endorse, guarantee or assume responsibility for any of the services advertised or offered by a third party through the Website or any linked Website or featured in any banner or other advertising. We will not be a party to or in any way responsible for monitoring any transaction between you and third party service providers of goods and services.
    3. Where any law (including the Indonesia Consumer Law) provides a guarantee which may not be lawfully excluded, our liability will be limited to that provided by law.
    4. Except as required by law, in no event shall we, our affiliates and related entities or our suppliers be liable for any loss or any special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with our Website or this Agreement (however arising, including negligence). You agree to accept sole responsibility for the legality of your actions under the laws which apply to you. You agree that we, our affiliates and related entities or our suppliers have no responsibility for the legality of your actions.
    5. Some services provided by service providers may be of an inherently risky or dangerous nature or require specific skills or qualifications to be possessed by participants. Prior to booking or partaking of any such services you should inform yourself of the risks and/or specific skills or qualifications involved.
    6. It shall be your responsibility to make all necessary enquiries and take any action you consider necessary if you require insurance or require the service provider to be insured or to have insurance coverage that covers you in respect of the provision of their goods and services, prior to proceeding with any booking or services. La Belle Escape accepts no liability in this regard. For all travel, we recommend you take our travel insurance at the time you confirm your booking.
    7. It shall be your responsibility to be aware of the safety, local conditions and issues that may exist at your travel destination. La Belle Escape accepts no liability in this regard.
    8. It shall be your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of any health requirements and recommended precautions for your travel destination. Vaccinations are strongly recommended for certain destinations and in some cases vaccination paperwork may be a condition of entry. We recommend that you consult with your local doctor, travel medical service or specialist vaccination clinic before commencing your travel. We will not be held responsible or liable for any expenses, fines, penalties, costs or losses incurred by you as a result of you or any other traveler’s failure to comply with international countries’ entry or travel tour health requirements.
  7. Passports & Visas
    1. All travellers must have a valid passport for international travel. Many countries require at least 6 months validity from the date of return and some countries require a machine-readable passport. Visas, including transit visas and re-entry permits, shall be your responsibility. You must ensure you are aware of passport, visa and other requirements of the country or countries to which you intend to travel, and obtain all relevant documentation prior to travel. Any expenses, fines, penalties, costs or losses incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility. La Belle Escape accepts no liability in this regard. We recommend you ensure you have a valid passport prior to or upon confirming your travel dates.
  8. Indemnity
    1. You will at all times indemnify, and keep indemnified, us and our directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any loss (including reasonable legal costs and expenses) or liability incurred or suffered by you or by us arising from any claim, demand, suit, action or proceeding by any person against you or us where such loss or liability arose out of, in connection with or in respect of your conduct or breach of this Agreement.
  9. Purchasing La Belle Escape Passes
    1. You are responsible for all orders placed on your account, including for any discrepancies or errors in your order caused by you.
    2. The promotion of pass for services on the Website does not constitute an offer to sell. It is an invitation to treat only.
    3. Orders placed by you are offers to purchase a pass for particular services under the terms and conditions in this Agreement, and any third party supplier/service provider terms and conditions as may be applicable at the price specified (including delivery and other charges).
    4. Offers in your cart are not reserved until you have completed the checkout process. Orders are only confirmed once payment is received in full.
    5. We may reject your order, including in circumstances where we believe there may be a credit card fraud, or where we later become unable to fulfill your order, or if there has been an error in the price or product description on the Website.
    6. You must review your order carefully before placing it. Once an order is confirmed, you are unable to cancel or change it except as in accordance with these terms. Please note requests to change travel details, including passenger details once confirmed may incur extra charges from service providers. You must ensure your details are correct when making a booking and you accept responsibility for all subsequent charges arising from changes you make to your travel and traveller details.
    7. In the event that we cancel or are unable to fulfill your order through fault of our own, we will provide a full refund of any payment received.
  10. Price, Payment and Use of Discount/Coupon Codes
    1. The prices of pass and other charges shown are in Indonesian Rupees and are current at the time of display, but may be subject to change. All payments must be received in full prior to a pass being issued. If your payment is not received or is declined by us, your bank or credit card issuer, we cannot and will not hold passes against your order.
    2. A discount code is only valid for a single transaction per address, and may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts.
    3. For some international travel offers, the advertised values and discounts are converted to IDR at the exchange rate on the day the offer launches, from the local currency. Any pricing value that has been converted from a foreign currency to IDR is subject to fluctuate.
  11. Pass: Use and Redemption of a La Belle Escape Pass
    1. Passes will be accessible via your La Belle Escape account. Your pass will be emailed to you and will also be accessible via your La Belle Escape account. We cannot be held liable nor responsible for any loss suffered as a result of a La Belle Escape pass not being received by you due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
    2. All La Belle Escape passes sold on the Website are offered on behalf of third party service providers. Any La Belle Escape pass you purchase shall be redeemable only for the specified goods or services from the relevant service provider of the goods and services and shall only be available for redemption during the period specified on the pass. The service provider, and not La Belle Escape, is the seller and supplier of the goods/services to which the pass relates and is solely responsible for honouring any La Belle Escape pass you purchase.
    3. In relation to goods provided by a third party on redemption of a La Belle Escape Pass, you recognise that the third party service provider is the supplier of the goods, and not La Belle Escape.
    4. To the extent permitted by law (including the Indonesian Consumer Law), La Belle Escape makes no warranty or representation regarding the standard of any goods or services to be supplied by the service provider.
    5. The La Belle Escape pass does not function as a stored-value card and cannot be redeemed incrementally, unless otherwise specified by the La Belle Escape pass. The La Belle Escape pass cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash. A La Belle Escape pass cannot be combined with any other discount or promotional offer unless specified by the service provider.
    6. Neither La Belle Escape nor the service provider is responsible for lost or stolen passes or fraudulent use (by a person other than La Belle Escape or the service provider) of the passes unique reference number.
    7. La Belle Escape passes may contain terms and conditions known as the ‘Fine Print’ that supplement, and are to be read as in addition to, this Agreement. In the event of any inconsistency between the Fine Print and this Agreement, the Fine Print will prevail.
    8. La Belle Escape passes may be transferred, assigned or gifted to other persons (“Gift Recipient”) and may be redeemed by the Gift Recipient in accordance with this Agreement. Please note requests to change travel details, including passenger details once confirmed may incur extra charges from service providers. You must ensure the traveller details are correct when making a booking and you accept responsibility for all subsequent charges arising from changes you make to your travel and traveller details.
  12. Passes: Availability of Goods and Services and Travel provider terms
    1. You agree and acknowledge that:
      1. all services are rendered subject to availability.
      2. where service providers offer an experience based on an itinerary or schedule of events, the scheduling of or order for those events may vary from time to time;
      3. the hotels and service providers may impose additional conditions related to your stay, travel requirements or other experience related conditions such as a minimum age or other restrictions regarding weight, health or other factors. It is your responsibility to confirm any requirements prior to booking or travelling, or utilising such services including the details of any restrictions that may apply from the service provider prior to purchasing any La Belle Escape pass, or finalising any booking and confirm that you are able to comply;
      4. photographs appearing on our website to illustrate details of offers of service providers are generally those made available to us by service providers or chosen by us. They are intended to be indicative only of the services, venues and locations at which services are offered by service providers. For example, they may depict only one of the various rooms, venues or locations at which the services are offered or provided;
      5. a representation on the website that services will be available over a range of dates does not preclude you from being required to make a booking for the services to which the booking relates. Bookings may not be available on short notice;
      6. any restaurant menus advertised on the website are indicative only and subject to change without notice; and
  13. Passes: Bookings and Cancellations
    1. All services promoted on the Website are offered by service providers subject to availability. Some services will require booking in advance. For the redemption of all passes, we recommend making bookings as soon as possible once the offer becomes valid. Peak times (such as weekends or holidays) should be booked further in advance. We do not guarantee that services will be available at your preferred date and time.
    2. Bookings for the redemption of services in exchange for the supply of passes are made subject to any service provider policies. If you cancel your booking your pass may be void, or you may incur a cancellation fee payable to the service provider. Unreasonably short notice cancellations may result in the cancellation of your La Belle Escape passes if the service provider is unable to fill your space.
    3. Service providers reserve the right to cancel and reschedule your booking due to unforeseen circumstances. Except as required by law (including the Indonesian Consumer Law), we will not be held liable for such events and we will not reimburse you for any travelling, accommodation or other expenses incurred by you or any other person. We recommend you ensure you have travel insurance prior to or upon confirming your travel dates.
  14. Passes: Refunds Policy
    1. Upon receipt of your complaint, we will endeavour to contact the Service provider and resolve the complaint on your behalf. If your complaint cannot be resolved, we will provide you a remedy in accordance with these terms and conditions and your statutory rights.
    2. You will be entitled to a refund or rebooking or other remedy (in accordance with your statutory rights) when:
      1. The service provider fails to or cannot provide the goods or services within the validity period;
      2. The goods or services supplied by the Service provider are not reasonably fit for the purpose described, not of acceptable quality, or the goods or services are materially different to what we advertised;
      3. The goods or services are not provided within a reasonable time, taking into account the validity period of the pass.
    3. Neither La Belle Escape nor the service provider is responsible where you are unable to redeem your pass for reasons beyond La Belle Escape or the service provider’s control, including where you are unable to redeem your pass because, through reasons of your own cannot meet available booking times. We will review each claim on a case-by-case basis in accordance with our refund policy.
  15. Expired passes are non-refundable. We do not allow refunds or returns for change of mind. If you are eligible for a refund you may choose to accept a Store Credit instead of a cash refund.
  16. La Belle Escape Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee
    1. The following Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee only applies where it is specifically stated in the Offer Listing that it is applicable to the relevant Travel Offer.
    2. If, within 7 days of purchasing your La Belle Escape pass (“Guarantee Period”), and prior to confirming or making a booking, you request a refund, we will cancel your La Belle Escape pass, and issue you with a refund (using the payment method used for purchase) or a Store Credit (at your election) to the value of your purchase.
    3. You must contact La Belle Escape via the Help Centre within the Guarantee Period in order to claim under the Peace of Mind Money Back Guarantee.
  17. La Belle Escape Best Price Promise
    1. If you find the same travel offer on an eligible competitor website, we will beat that offer by $1. To make a claim under our Best Price Promise and the competitor offer must be:
      1. available to the general public;
      2. advertised at time of purchase or within 14 days of you purchasing your La Belle Escape offer;
      3. for the same hotel, at the same destination with the same room type and inclusions and travel times as the La Belle Escape offer;
      4. verifiable by La Belle Escape;
      5. cheaper than the La Belle Escape travel offer on your booking date and the same travel date/s , including all taxes, surcharges and other mandatory applicable fees and charges;
      6. not cheaper as a result of an error on the host website or a rewards scheme, membership discount or special promotional offer; and
      7. offered on an Indonesian website and via a service that is in Indonesian Rupees.
    2. Our Best Price Promise is subject to a fair use policy to ensure it is not commercially exploited. It is limited to, unless otherwise limited in the listing details, a maximum of 5 passes per booking. Where we believe a person is engaging in exploitation of our Best Price Promise, we may, at our discretion, choose not to beat the competitor price.
    3. To make claim, you must contact our Help Centre and include:
      1. your name, travel dates, amount of people you are travelling with;
      2. details of the competitor offers including a current link and price and evidence of availability on your selected dates.
  18. Passes: Process for Claiming a Refund or Store Credit
    1. Your request for a refund must be submitted through the La Belle Escape Help Centre. Your refund or Store Credit request must, where applicable:
      1. include the La Belle Escape pass number;
      2. include a detailed description of your experience or issue; and
      3. be received by us within a reasonable time (at our discretion) of your complaint arising.
    2. We may verify the details of your refund or Store Credit request with the service provider, and by asking you to provide more information and proof.
    3. Where we issue a refund, it will be issued via the same payment method that you used to purchase the pass or otherwise as determined by us.
    4. We may refuse requests or complaints that we believe are not valid.
    5. The refusal of a refund or Store Credit does not prevent you from seeking a refund directly from the provider.
  19. Store Credits
    1. Any unused portion of your Store Credit shall be credited to your account.
    2. To the extent permitted by law, La Belle Escape reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions in relation to its Store Credit upon the provision of reasonable notice, including by notice on the La Belle Escape Website.
    3. Store credit issued in lieu of a refund will expire after 12 months from the date of iUnless otherwise stated in any promotional materials or elsewhere by us, store credits issued for promotional purposes, or otherwise at our discretion (including for goodwill purposes) will expire after 3 months.
  20. Social Media and Content
    1. You understand that all information, such as comments, messages, text, files, images, photos, video, sounds and other materials (“content”) posted on, transmitted through or linked from the Website, our Facebook page, Twitter feed, or forum or other like application or site that allows for the publication of user generated material (“Social Media”), is the sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originated.
    2. You understand that we do not control and are not responsible for content made available through the Website or Social Media unless it originates from us. Consequently, by using the Website or our Social Media pages you may be exposed to content provided by third parties that is offensive, indecent, inaccurate, misleading or otherwise objectionable. You use the Website at your own risk and to the extent permissible at law we do not accept liability in this regard.
    3. As a member or participant on our Social Media pages, you agree that you are responsible for any content submitted, posted or made available through the Website via your account and you must not post (or allow) content to be posted through your account that:
      1. you do not have the right to post;
      2. is defamatory or in contempt of any legal or other proceedings;
      3. is misleading or deceptive;
      4. incites hatred or discrimination against any group of persons being a group defined by reference to colour, race, sex, origin, nationality or ethnic or national origins;
      5. denounces religious or political beliefs;
      6. includes religious or political material which is or is likely to be offensive;
      7. is indecent, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, offensive or of doubtful propriety or of a menacing character or is likely to annoy or concern;
      8. infringes any copyright, trade mark, patent or other intellectual property right of another person;
      9. contains viruses or similar software or data which is designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware; or
      10. impersonates any person or misrepresents your relationship with any person.
    4. We reserve the right, in our absolute discretion, to pre-screen, refuse or remove any content from the Website or our Social Media pages without giving any reasons.
    5. You understand and agree that we may retain server and backup copies of your submitted content even if you have altered, removed or deleted your content from public display.
  21. Intellectual Property
    1. We reserve all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyright in material and/or services provided by us. Nothing in the Agreement gives you a right to use any of our marketing material, business names, trademarks, logos, domain names or other distinctive brand features.
    2. Other trademarks used on the Website that belong to third parties are used with permission and remain the intellectual property of the third party.
    3. You may not modify or copy the layout or appearance of the Website nor any computer software or code contained in the Website; and/or decompile or disassemble, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to discover or access any source code related to the Website.
    4. If you correspond or otherwise communicate with us, you automatically grant to us an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide licence to use, copy, display and distribute the content of your correspondence or communication and to prepare derivative works of the content or incorporate the content into other works in order to publish and promote such content. This may include, but is not limited to, publishing testimonials on our Website and developing your ideas and suggestions for improved goods or services we provide.
  22. Transfer and Assignment
    1. You agree and acknowledge that, in the event that we merge, sell or otherwise change control of our company, our business or the Website to a third-party:
      1. (a) you consent, without giving of prior, to our disclosure of your personal information and other data that we have collected from you to a third party or parties as part of such a transaction; and
      2. (b) we shall be entitled to assign the benefit of any agreements we have with you to the third party.
  23. General
    1. We will not be liable for any delay in performing any of our obligations under this Agreement if such delay is caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
      1. This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Indonesia. You irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Jakarta, Indonesia.
    2. If any part of this Agreement is found to be void, unlawful or unenforceable then that part will be deemed to be severable from the balance of this Agreement and the severed part will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.
    3. If we do not exercise or enforce any right or provision under this Agreement, it will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. Any waiver of any provision under this Agreement will only be effective if it is in writing and signed by us.
  24. Privacy and Personal information
    1. If you provide us with any personal information our Privacy Policy will govern how we will use or disclose that information. Please review and understand our Privacy Policy.

Last Updated: January 2018


2. Refund Policy


PT La Belle Pelarian Indonesia (“La Belle Escape” or “we”) try to ensure that we only promote Deals that our Members will enjoy. We understand, however, that occasionally, this is not always the case. This Policy sets out the circumstances in which La Belle Escape may provide refunds to our Members (“Member” or “you”) in respect of a specific Deal.

Please note that this Refund Policy only applies to purchases of resort and hotel packages purchased through La Belle Escape which are subject to the refund policies.


It is noted that Indonesian Consumer Law (which is part of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)) provides for certain statutory guarantees, which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified by us. These warranties are in in addition to any voluntary warranties provided by La Belle Escape. Nothing in this Refund Policy affects your rights under the Indonesian Consumer Law or similar legislation regarding statutory guarantees to the extent those rights cannot be excluded.


‘7-Day change of mind guarantee’ – Bookings may be cancelled with a full refund provided that cancellation occurs strictly within 7 days from the date of booking and provided that the cancellation is made no less than 14 days prior to the check-in date.

  • Otherwise, cancellations made outside of these periods will not be refundable except as provided for in this Refund Policy. La Belle Escape will provide a refund where: we are required by law to do so;
  • we have made a mistake in advertising an offer that fundamentally misstates the product or service that is the subject of the offer;
  • prior to the redemption of the offer during the validity period as provided in the fine print of that offer, the provider of the offer ceases trading or ceases to provide the subject matter of the Deal.


For the avoidance of doubt, the following are circumstances that DO NOT qualify for refunds:

  • where you have failed to read the Specific Terms and Conditions of the offer (located under ‘The Fine Print’ section on our Website on the day of the offer), and the General Terms and Conditions; or
  • if you change your mind (except where such change of mind and request is within the required cancellation periods outlined in this policy);
  • if you purchase a “Buy Now Book Later” option and are unable to obtain your preferred dates after the required cancellation period outlined in this policy; or
  • if the merchant on behalf of whom we are advertising the offer does not honour the terms of the offer because you have failed to present a booking confirmation on redemption; or
  • if you cannot redeem the offer prior to the end of the redemption period due to travel commitments; or
  • if you cancel a scheduled booking such that the cancellation voids the package in accordance with the merchant’s cancellation policy
  • if the Deal experience did not meet your general expectations (for whatever reason);
  • if you have had a dispute with the business on behalf of whom we are advertising the offer; or
  • if the Business does not have availability to redeem your package because you have not attempted to make a booking within a reasonable period of time (as determined by La Belle Escape) from the expiry date.


A request for a refund must be submitted via the form located on the Contact Us page of the La Belle Escape Website. All Members requesting a refund will be required to provide full particulars as to why they are seeking a refund in accordance with this policy.


La Belle Escape will verify the validity and veracity of some or all of the particulars of a request for refund by consulting with the relevant merchant responsible for fulfilling the offer. La Belle Escape may also ask you (by phone or email) to provide additional information in relation to the refund request.


In circumstances where we believe that a request for a refund does not fall within the scope of this Policy, is misleading, incorrect and/or deceptive or is otherwise invalid, La Belle Escape may, in its absolute discretion, refuse a refund request. La Belle Escape is under no obligation to provide you with reasons as to why your request has been refused. Please note, any fraudulent refund requests will be immediately referred to the relevant authorities.


The refund will be credited to the account used to purchase the offer. Any refund provided by La Belle Escape is in no way an admission of liability by or on behalf of La Belle Escape or the admission of any other fact in connection with any act or omission which led to the request for a refund being submitted by the Member.


La Belle Escape may change this Policy at any time at our absolute discretion by posting the revised policy on this Website. It is your responsibility to review the terms of this Policy regularly. Your continued receipt of our daily emails will constitute acceptance and acknowledgment of the terms of this Policy.


Any feedback or questions regarding this Policy should be emailed to [email protected] and addressed to the and addressed to the Company Secretary.

3. Privacy Policy

Labelleescape.com is owned and operated by PT Labelle Pelarian Indonesia (“La Belle Escape”, “Us”, “We”, or “Our”). This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, disclose, process and protect personally identifiable information (“Personal Data”) that you (the “User”) may provide in connection with La Belle Escape’s services available through the website located at www.labelleescape.com (“Site”). Personal Data means data, whether true or not, about an individual. References to the Site are deemed to include derivatives thereof, including but not necessarily limited to mobile websites and applications. By visiting or using the Site, you agree and consent to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and/or the Website Terms. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy below, please leave the Site immediately.

From time to time, La Belle Escape may revise this Privacy Policy to reflect changes in the law, our Personal Data collection and use practices, the features of our Site, or advances in technology. If we make revisions that change the way we collect or use your Personal Data, those changes will be posted in this Privacy Policy and the effective date will be noted at the beginning of this Privacy Policy. Therefore, you should review this Privacy Poicy periodically so that you are up to date on our most current policies and practices. La Belle Escape will also prominently post such material changes prior to implementing the change. If you do not agree with any changes or modifications to the Privacy Policy, please do not continue using the Site. You will be deemed to have consented to any modification of the Privacy Policy when you use the Site after the effective date of the modification


We collect the Personal Data that you provide to us when using the Site. This includes but is not limited to: your name, La Belle Escape user identification and login credentials, address, phone number, email address, hotel name, hotel location, and/or length of stay. We may request that you provide information on your travel preferences, as well as feedback on your travel experiences. We also collect non-personally identifiable information including but not limited to your internet protocol (IP) address, geographic location, operating system type, nationality, search preferences, as well as other generic Internet usage related data.


We may use your Personal Data and other information gathered through the Site for the following purposes:

  • registering, managing and/or administering your use and/or access of the Site;
  • managing, operating, administering and providing you the services offered on the Site;
  • contacting you on matters relating to your use and/or access of the Site and services on the Site, and any enquiries and/or requests submitted by you through the Site or otherwise;
  • to customize your experience when using the Site;
  • measuring and improving customer experience and satisfaction;
  • publishing customer reviews, such as of the Site, or Hotels, in digital and/or print format for public access;
  • to enforce our Terms and Conditions;
  • to resolve disputes or complaints, collect payment or fees, troubleshoot problems; and/or
  • for the purposes otherwise that will be made available to you at the point of collection.

We may also use your Personal Data and other information collected for Social Media marketing using direct and open graph techniques; for digital and conventional marketing purposes such as sending you direct mailers about new products, and special offers or other information which we think you may find interesting. Please note that you may opt out of any marketing materials we may send to you at any time. Please follow the unsubscribe instructions set out in our marketing materials if you choose to opt out of any marketing materials and we will respect your wishes.


Your Personal Data may be shared by La Belle Escape to our affiliate companies. La Belle Escape (and/or its affiliate companies) may also disclose your Personal Data to third party service providers, suppliers or agents for one or more of the above purposes.. Third party services include but are not limited to: website hosting, data analysis, marketing, processing credit card transactions, and service provisions. In some cases, when you interact directly with a third party to obtain services, or when you use the Site to reserve a hotel or obtain another product or service, we may provide your Personal Data to that hotel or other third party so that you don’t have to input information multiple times.

Depending on your location, La Belle Escape, its affiliate companies and its third party service providers, suppliers or agents may also be transferring your Personal Data overseas.

Please note that La Belle Escape may disclose your Personal Data in the following situations:

  • to bring or defend against any claims or suits;
  • to comply with court orders, judicial processes, legitimate requests, warrants or equivalent by law enforcement officials or the authorities;
  • to investigate fraud or other wrongdoing or as otherwise required or necessary in order to comply with any applicable law, or to protect our legitimate interests;
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Effective date: June 2018.

4. How We Calculate Our Discount Rate?

We guarantee that our exclusive offers give you the lowest possible price for your holiday. If you find a better price on the same offer with the same inclusions, within 14 days of purchasing, we’ll match it and add a credit voucher of IDR 250.000,00!

We calculate the percentage off in our deals based on the ‘rack rate’ of the room and the inclusions at the time the deal is live for the validity period of the deal (that’s hotel-speak for ‘Recommended Retail Price’). Hotels may change accommodation charges depending on peak seasons, low seasons and events so we use the rack rate which is consistent through the year and 100% verifiable.

Any feedback or questions regarding our terms should be emailed to [email protected].

5. Payment methods